• February 25th: Scribes and Vibes presents Authors Hour (Sankofa Festival)

    Scribes and Vibes is hosting an incredible Black History Month Event at Central Library and I have the privilege of being a part of the Authors Hour conversation and will also be signing books! I hope to see y'all there!

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  • February 18th: Lit Diaries presents Indie Day Book Expo!

    I'll be tabling at my first event this year, the Indie Book Expo! Celebrating local independent authors and publishers, this event is a can't miss!

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  • November 19th & 20th: Weekend at The Sistah Shop

    This weekend I’m going to be tabling at The Sistah Shop in Atlantic Station! Come and experience the glory of being surrounded by brands from over 100 minority-women owned businesses! Come through Sistahs! And Brothas! 😉

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What is Firebird Spark?

Firebird Spark, LLC is envisioned as a platform to showcase the work of diverse and unique authors who take inspiration from their lives to breathe fire into a new creation

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  • Welcome to Firebird Spark!

    Walk through the mind of our founder as she describes who she is and what she's doing here