Welcome to Firebird Spark!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official blog for Firebird Spark, LLC!

Here I plan to every so often share some of my thoughts about this journey with you all and give you a small glimpse into the person behind the business. I am a writer after all :)

Of course, writer and founder are not my only titles. I am also a medical student with aspirations to change the world!

No, really. I entered this particular life path with the hope that one patient and one interaction at a time, I could change the way our healthcare system flows and how doctors and patients interact to create an overall more positive, integrated, and empathetic experience. High hopes perhaps, but I'm a "the glass is always refillable" kind of woman. I think being a part of the medical community is part of what has made this journey so interesting for me. For one, I tend to be really busy. Day in and day out I learn how to diagnose conditions, interview patients, read X-rays, write patient notes, perform physical exams...you get the picture. There's a lot of structure to my medical journey and one thing I rediscovered that helps me to unwind and regain some of that flexibility that makes life so worthwhile is writing. Journaling out my days, responding to writing prompts I find on Pinterest, turning something I heard in therapy into a poem haha....it's very integrated into my life. Hopefully even moreso now that I am starting on this new journey with my business. 

Before writing, I was a reader first. I love fantasy fiction right now, but I also appreciate a romance novel here or there, a sci-fi short story, and will forever love the books and series in the young adult and juvenile reader categories that made my childhood such a magical place. To be transported into the world of someone else, to walk in their shoes, their story. It's a beautiful thing. It's the love of reading, I believe, that helped me to develop my passion for storytelling myself.

Besides all things literary, I also love to do some outdoorsy and sporty things such as rollerblading, ice skating, and tennis. Yes I also go to the gym, but I still haven't quite figured out why I like it so much...  I also have found a lot of joy recently in drawing and painting (we love a Sip and Paint), taking pictures with my different cameras, playing my saxophone again, and placing bets on myself for when I'm going to finally take down my Christmas tree (this may not sound enjoyable to you, but to me it's rather amusing). 

What are my hopes for Firebird Spark? I truly hope that in this community we can learn and laugh together, and find support in one another. I hope that others can discover or re-discover what makes them THEM. I hope that someone will be inspired to pick up a book, or pick up a pen, and find the courage to go on a new adventure.