About Firebird Spark

Firebird Spark, LLC is not just a publishing house. We are a platform to showcase the fresh works of diverse and unique authors who take inspiration from their lives to breathe fire into a new creation. 

Founded by poet and creator, Destinee A. Shipley, Firebird Spark was inspired by the phoenix, a mythological bird that would meet its demise in fire only to rise from the ashes anew. For us, it represents the way that diverse peoples, especially Black women, navigate this world. We serve a world teeming with adversity and challenges that force us to assume identities that harm us. These fires consume us and swallow us whole. The realization that we can exist as ourselves and live in our truth - to just be - manifests itself in this beautiful transformation. 

We are Phoenixes rising from the ashes...shedding our old life for the life we were meant to live.